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Hello, I'm Amber Galusha, flower farmer at Skywyld Farm.


Keeping a garden has always been a passion of mine. In 2020 I planted a small cut flower garden in my suburban backyard so I could share hope and beauty with my community. Since then, my husband and I moved back to my hometown of Cottonwood, California where I now grow a variety of uncommon cut flowers on 1/3 acre.


We offer fresh, field-grown blooms wholesale to florists and direct to retail customers, May through October. 

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Local Flower Farm

Skywyld Farm is a small-scale farm in Cottonwood, CA growing and selling specialty cut flowers with sustainability in mind. We offer celosias, sunflowers and zinnias as well as other unusual and heirloom cut flowers. 


Connecting To Nature

We believe flowers feed the soul, and that's why our mission is to grow, harvest and arrange delightful, in-season flowers right here on our farm in Northern California. Using nature-friendly growing techniques, we care for our local environment while bringing bloom-filled beauty to our community. 


Where It All Began

Our great-grandmother and grandmother were farmers, and our mother was an avid gardener who grew vegetables and morning glories every summer. These women loved God and had grit, and were incredible role models for us. We intend to honor them, and God, by offering sustainably-grown flowers to our community.

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